HMAS Otama (SS-62)


International Call Sign: Victor-Lima-Tango-Romeo

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HMAS Otama (SS 62/SSG 62) was an Oberon-class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Built in Scotland 1975, the submarine was the last of the class to enter service when commissioned into the RAN in 1978. Otama was a specialist, one of two "Mystery Boats", fitted with additional surveillance and intelligence-gathering equipment. Otama was routinely deployed on classified operations to obtain intelligence on Soviet Pacific Fleet vessels and Chinese Navy vessels, and conducted associated coastal surveillance, throughout Asia.
The Otama was decommissioned 2000, and sold to Western Port Oberon Association in 2001, who plan to bring her ashore and establish a world-class exhibit commemorating Australian service at sea in peace and war. The exhibit will act as an educational asset for Victoria and a draw card for visitors, providing local employment opportunities and indirectly assisting local business.
To date this has not happened because of red tape and politics, but we have a few negotiations happening at the moment, and we hope that something will happen very soon.

Construction started: 25 May 1973
Launched: 3 December 1975
Commissioned: Royal Australian Navy 1978 - 2000
Length: 90 m
Test depth: 200 m
Draft: 5.5 m
Builder: Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Glasgow, Scotland.


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