West-Hinder III

The lightvessel West-Hinder III marked the southwestern sailing route for the Northern European seaports for many years. The West-Hinder III was stationary off the coast on the Westhinder bank.

The ship was built in 1950 at the Béliard-Crighton shipyard. The nine crew members were responsible for radio communication and for hydrographic, meteorological and ecological observation.

West-Hinder was withdrawn from service in 1994 and replaced by cheaper electronic light platforms; it was the last manned lightship to serve the Belgian coast.

The material still on board and the good condition of the interior is unique and offers interesting material for those who aspire to a professional career in shipping.

The ship was on loan to the City of Antwerp until the end of 2018, and is now part of the Maritime Heritage Foundation.

West-Hinder is included in the inventory of sailing heritage


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