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The tugboat Laurindo Pitta is a museum ship of the Navy of Brazil .

It is the only remaining of the Brazilian Naval force that participated in the First World War , under the command of Rear Admiral Peter Max Fernando Frontin .

The vessel was built by the shipyard Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Ltd in Barrow-in-Furness, in Britain , in 1910, commissioned by the Brazilian government.

When Brazil entered into World War I , she joined the Naval Division of War Operations (DNOG), and participated in support patrol operations by DNOG between Dakar in Senegal and the Cape Verde islands in 1918.

After the war, she provided tug services to the Navy Yard in Rio de Janeiro and the Naval Base of Rio de Janeiro until the 1990s .

In 1997, it was restored and refurbished, having received seats for 90 passengers, and having been adapted a compartment where it presents the permanent exhibition "The Participation of the Navy in the First World War". Since then, has been providing services in the transportation of passengers between the Cultural Center of the Navy and the Fiscal Island , and conducting the promenade by the Guanabara Bay , passing off the Snake Island , Fiscal Island, the Isle of Ploughshares , the island of Villegagnon and the city of Niteroi . The tour lasts one hour and twenty minutes.

The vessel served as inspiration for the samba "Tugboat Laurindo", authored by Moreira da Silva and Geraldo Gomes in 1974.


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