Solimões (V-24)
International Call Sign: Papa-Whiskey-Echo-Bravo

The Cv Solimões (V-24) was an Imperial Marinheiro Class corvette , currently a museum ship , of the Brazilian Navy .
She was built by the shipyard NV Werf Gusto-AF Smulders, Schiedam, the Netherlands . Her keel was laid on January 18 , 1954 , and was launched in November of the same year. She was delivered to the Brazilian Navy on August 3 , 1955 .

From 1955 to 1959 , it was subordinated to the Command of the 1st Naval District, performing sweeping, mining, coastal patrol missions and providing maritime rescue services. In December 1959 , it became subordinate to the Command of the 4th Naval District, based in Belém do Pará , and, since April 23 , 1974 , it became part of the Command of the North Naval Group . In these phases, he performed a wide variety of commissions, such as the unloading and towing of ships, patrol (including borders), maritime assistance (search and rescue), transport of troops, and in actions of civic and social assistance with the riverside populations of the Amazon , transporting supplies and providing medical and dental care.

In 2004 , thanks to an agreement between the Executive Secretary of Culture and the Brazilian Navy, the process of requalifying the old Corvette into a museum ship began, with a project that was based on the original design of the ship. Thus, structural changes were made and some equipment and accessories were replaced, with the aim of returning the ship to its original characteristics and making the exhibition circuit viable.

First museum ship in the North region, as of March 19 , 2008 the vessel, completely renovated, was once again anchored at the Casa das Onze Janelas pier , open to public visitation at the same opening hours as the Feliz Lusitânia Complex , in Belém.


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Address: R. Siquera Mendes - Cidade Velha, Belém- PA, 66020-600, Brazil

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