Changchun - (DD-103)

The destroyer Changchun (hull number: 103, is originally the Russian Gnevny-class Reshitelny, a destroyer under the Chinese Navy and one of the first destroyers after the founding of New China.
The destroyer Changchun, belongs to the Chinese Type 6607 (Anshan class). The ship is equipped with 4 main 130 mm guns and 2 3 533 mm torpedo launchers along its central axis, emphasizing naval guns, torpedoes and mine-laying capabilities. , But the air defense and anti-submarine capabilities are weak.
The destroyer Changchun was launched in the Soviet Union’s Vladivostok shipyard in 1939. It was completed in 1941. It was purchased by China on June 4, 1953 and received on June 28, 1955. It was once one of the early "Four King Kongs" of the Chinese Navy.  It was converted into a guided missile destroyer in 1970 and retired in August 1990. It was purchased by Rushan City, Shandong Province and moored at Yintan in the city as a display ship.

Museum info: PLAN Changchun (DD-103)
Address: Yintan, Rushan City, Shandong Province, China
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