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USS Putnam laid down

On 10 October 1942, Fletcher-class destroyer USS Putnam was laid down at Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. San Francisco, CA. She was officially renamed 'The Sullivans' on 6 February 1943 in honor of the five Sullivan brothers (George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert) aged 20 to 27 who lost their lives when their ship, USS Juneau, was sunk by Japanese submarine I-26 during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on 13 November 1942.
Here seen screening the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), which has just been hit by two Japanese suicide planes within 30 seconds of each other, on 11 May 1945. The Sullivans later picked up 166 members of the carrier's crew when fire forced them overboard.

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USS Orleck DD-886 decommissioned

On 1 October 1982, Gearing-class destroyer USS Orleck DD-886 was decommissioned and transferred to Turkish Navy as TCG Yucetepe-D-345.
Since 2000 she is back in US hands, currently at USS Orleck Naval Museum in Lake Charles, LA, and hopefully soon at the Jacksonville Naval Museum in Jacksonville, FL


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USS Turner Joy DD-951 laid down

On 30 September 1957, Forrest Sherman-class destroyer USS Turner Joy DD-951 was laid down at Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Co., Seattle, WA
USS Turner Joy, Bremerton, WA

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USS The Sullivans DD-537 commissioned

30 September 1943, Fletcher-class destroyer USS The Sullivans DD-537 was commissioned with Cdr Kenneth M. Gentry in command.
Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park, Buffalo, NY

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USS Orleck DD-886 commissioned

15 September 1945, Gearing-class destroyer USS Orleck DD-886 was commissioned with LCDR John D. Andrew in command.
USS Orleck Naval Museum, Lake Charles, LA

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USS Cassin Young DD-793 launched

On 12 September 1943, Fletcher-class destroyer USS Cassin Young DD-793 was launched at Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. San Pedro CA

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USS Cassin Young DD-793 recommissioned

On 8 September 1951 Fletcher-class destroyer, USS Cassin Young DD-793 was commissioned for the second time, with CDR James Boyce Denton in command

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Orleck returned

On 12 August 2000, Gearing class destroyer USS Orleck (DD-886), was returned to the US
USS Orleck Naval Museum, Lake Charles, LA

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Edson arrives at temporary mooring site

On 7 August 2012, Forrest Sherman-class destroyer USS Edson (DD-946) arrives at a temporary mooring at Wirt Stone docks, Essexville, Michigan.
Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum USS Edson DD946, Bay City, MI

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Orleck Struck

On 6 August 1987, Gearing-class destroyer USS Orleck (DD-886) was struck from the Naval Vessel Register.
MuseumShip at the Jacksonville Naval Museum. Jacksonville, FL

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