EML Kalev - (M414)
International Call Sign: Echo-Sierra-Quebec-Charlie

EML Kalev (M414) was a Frauenlob-class minesweeper of the Estonian Navy, which belonged to the Mineships Division.

The minesweeper Kalev was a vessel in the Estonian Navy Mineships Division and also the first modernized Frauenlob-class minesweeper. At the beginning of 2004 the, Kalev was discharged from service and transferred to the Estonian Maritime Museum.

The EML Kalev (M414) was built in West Germany, in the Krögerwerft shipyard in Rendsburg. The vessel was launched on 25 August 1966 and entered service on 16 June 1967. It was one of ten ships of class 394 with the home port of Neustadt in Holstein. The German Navy decommissioned five of these ships in 1995; Minerva (Kalev) and her sister Diana (Olev) were given to the Estonian Navy to operate. At the handing over ceremony the vessel received the Estonian name Kalev. The third sister Undine was handed over to the Estonian Navy in 2001 as Vaindlo. In 2004 the Estonian Navy decommissioned the ships and Kalev was handed to the Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallinn.


Museum info: Estonian Maritime Museum
Address: Vesilennuki 6, 10145, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 620 0545

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