Enrico Dandolo - S513
enrico dandolo

The Venice Arsenal houses one of the first Italian submarines built after World War II. Submarine Enrico Dandolo (S 513) 46 m long and 5 m wide was launched in Monfalcone in December 1967 and decommissioned in 1996. During the Cold War, her tasks included spying on Soviet submarines in the Mediterranean. The unofficial emblem of the boat was the silhouette of a rabbit, copied from the logo of Playboy magazine. The team drew him on the wheelhouse.

Today, the submarine has been restored and has become one of the exhibits of the Museum of the History of the Navy in Venice. Enrico Dandolo is installed on the territory of the Venetian Arsenal between Darsena Grande and Canale delle Galeazze.

Enrico Dandolo was the name of the Venetian doge who actively participated in the Fourth Crusade against Constantinople in 1204. A battleship that took part in the Italo-Turkish War of 1912 and World War I, and a submarine that fought off the west coast of France during World War II were also named after him.


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Address: Venetian Arsenal, 30122 Venice, Italy

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