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International Call Sign: Lima-Yankee-Papa-Delta

The ship-museum is open for visiting! The ship is exhibited on the River Dangė in the central part of Klaipėda city (near the Castle (Lith. „Pilies“) Bridge, at the Royal (Lith. „Karališkoji“) Embankment).

The ship M52 „Sūduvis“ was handed over to the Lithuanian Naval Force in 1999. This is a grant from Germany where the ship served in the navy; she was initially named M1071 „Koblenz“ and operated there since 1958.

In 2021, the ship ended her service and was handed over to the Lithuanian Sea Museum which opens this exhibit to the broad public by adjusting the ship for museum and educational activities. The Lithuanian Sea Museum seeks to present the history and mission of the ship as well as ship’s significance while serving at the Lithuanian Naval Force.

Part of the instalment of the exposition on „Sūduvis“ was funded by Klaipėda City Municipality. 

Interesting facts about the ship M52 „Sūduvis“

1. The ship was built in West Germany in a former Burmester Shipyard in Bremen 1956–1958 for the West German Navy (Germ. Bundesmarine); she came into use in 1958.
2. The ship is classified as „Lindau“ class minesweeper. The ship’s purpose was mine-hunting, detection and destruction.
3. The body of M52 „Sūduvis“ is made from Brazilian oak, welted in redwood and decks are made of natural teak. The equipment on the ship were made from non-magnetic metal.
4. The initial name of the ship was M1071 „Koblenz“. The vessel was named after a town in Germany.
5. In 1978–1979, the ship was modernised from a minesweeper to a minehunter.
6. M52 „Sūduvis“ served the Lithuanian Navy since 22 June 1999. Germany granted the ship to Lithuania as a state that aimed to integrate in the international community and enhance its naval force.
7. Vilkaviškis, one of the old towns of the region Sūduva, has become the christening town for the Lithuanian Navy ship M52 „Sūduvis“. There is a living tradition in the Lithuanian Navy to give ships the names of historical regions of Lithuania: „Žemaitis“, „Dzūkas“, „Aukštaitis“, „Sėlis“, „Jotvingis“, „Skalvis“, „Kuršis„ and „Sūduvis“.
8. The ship M52 „Sūduvis“ served in the Lithuanian Navy for 22 years: she took part in NATO projects, many international and national exercises and operations.
9. In 2021, the Lithuanian Navy decommissioned the ship „upon reserve“.
10. The service of the ship lasted for 63 years. All the time, the ship was being exploited according to her purpose; therefore, authentic equipment remained in an operating condition and therefore it is a unique object of Lithuanian maritime heritage.


Museum info: Sea Museum and Dolphinarium
Address: at intersection of Danés Gatvé and Jūros Gatvé, LT-92117 Klaipéda, Lithuania
Phone: +370 698 37299
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