MS Delfshaven

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nternational Call Sign: Papa-Delta-November-Yankee

Build as a Buoy tender for the Dutch waterways & North Sea coast, in 1959.

Delfshaven was global news in 1964 when called upon to raid the REM-Eiland in the North Sea to end illegal broadcasting.
As it was the only buoy tender with a navy pennant, the Dutch Navy commandeered the ship to carry a naval admiral, a head of police, and broadcast service to the REM-island to oversee the operation.

Delfshaven was used by the Rijskloodswezen for maintaining the waterways of Rotterdam, as well the North Sea and Dutch lower isles. Also it was used to supply lightvessels, with supplies and relieve-crews. Equipped to tow she was able to take on lightships were they to be moved into a new position or during storms. In 1980 the ship was transferred to DGSM(General Directorate Shipping & Maritime Affairs) and had a midlife refit and remained in service till 1989, afterwitch the Dutch pilot service started to use her as a fulltime training-ship for Dutch Harbour pilots. The main mast was removed, and the ship was upgraded again.

In 2001 the Scheepvaart & Transport College bought the ship from the Loodswezen, and used it for training students.

Students learning to become Maritime Officers at the STC, had a two week internship on board to learn the basics of being a sailor.
Navigating at sea, harbour operations like mooring and turning, as well as course-plotting, and starting the engine.

In 2020 the Delfshaven was put up for sale, as it was getting too old for the school to train students on.
After a while a Dutch Sea Cadet unit from Schiedam showed interest in her.
In may 2021 the Delfshaven was donated to them by STC Group. The Zeekadetkorps Schiedam Sea Cadet-unit now uses her as a trainingship.

With the donation of the Delfshaven to the sea Cadets the total of sisterships of this class now stands on 3.
The Zaandam (1953) in Ijmuiden, the Port of Lelystad (1964) (ex-Vlissingen) in Lelystad. And the Delfshaven in Schiedam.

All 6 ships were build by different shipyards, but are more or less sisterships. A few alterations per vessel keeps them apart. All were build for the Koninklijke marine (Royal Dutch Navy) At that time the navy was responsible for the Dutch Pilot & Waterways service.
Off all vessels Delfshaven was the only ship with a naval pennant A916. She was added to the Dutch reserve fleet. As a result she had a Admirals Quarters on board. The Civilian crew lived downstairs The admirals quarters were upstairs, next to the gally.

Museum info: Zeekadetkorps 'Jacob van Heemskerck' Schiedam
Address: Westfrankelandsedijk 3a, 3115 HG Schiedam, Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)643086623

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