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The shipyard “De Waal” built the Noord Hinder in Zaltbommel in 1963.
In 1981 the lightship 12 “Noord-Hinder” was renovated by shipyard Hoogenraad & Kuyt in Scheveningen.
During this renovation, the Kromhout diesel engines were replaced by four 4-cylinder water-cooled “Samofa” diesel engines, each having 40 HP.
After the aft mast was removed, a helicopter deck was added to the stern. Furthermore, all work involving the handling of the light and the nautophone (fog horn) as well as the engines was automated and could now be operated from the mainland radiographically.
The cardanic suspension optical apparatus was replaced by a fixed optical apparatus.
The steering mechanism was removed and the rudder fastened.
Plaat de waal 1963In short, after Lightship 12 “Noord-Hinder” was renovated, it no longer needed a crew on board and could be anchored into position.

When needed, maintenance crews could be dropped by helicopter onto the helicopter deck using the ship’s hoist.
The Lightship 12 was docked at Texel from September 1983 to August 1987 and from January to May 1992.
The “Samofa” engines were replaced in 1992 by three air-cooled diesel “Deutz” engines. .
On 21 March 1994 the Lightship 12 was the last Dutch lightship to be removed from sea. Due to modern navigational aids on board sea vessels, it no longer was needed at sea and was laid up in Hellevoetsluis.
At the former position of the “Noord-Hinder” is now a beacon with the letters NHR equipped with RACON, a radar transponder.


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