SOC Mark V

Mark V Special Operations Craft (SOC)
The Mark V Special Operations Craft (SOC) is an 82-foot and 52-plus ton boat operated by SWCC Special Boat Teams and was used as a medium range insertion and extraction platform for special operations forces. It sometimes saw service for coastal patrol and reconnaissance.

The boat’s angled profile gives it a low radar signature, as does some of the high tech materials used in its construction. It could carry four Combat Rubber Raiding Craft, which could be launched from the stern ramp. The MK V SOC could also launch and recover SEAL Delivery Vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The MK V SOC accommodated five crew members and sixteen fully equipped SEALs in seats that could be occupied in either a sitting or standing position. The specially designed seating units were designed to absorb some of the pounding and stress from high seas and heavy maneuvering.

Some of the electronics typically installed included radar, GPS navigation, IFF (identification Friend or Foe) gear, and VHF/HF/UHF/FM Net and SATCOMM communications. The boat has five mounts for weapons systems, including single or twin mount M2 .50 caliber machine guns, M240 7.62mm belt-fed machine guns, MK19/MK47 40mm grenade launchers, M134 7.62mm miniguns, a MK88 chain gun and MK48 25mm guns. In addition, FIM-92 Stinger missiles were also carried on the MKV.

Each MK V SOC is paired with its own semi tractor trailer truck. Both truck and boat bear the same hull number. The boat and truck pair could be driven directly onto a C5 transport jet for delivery to operations anywhere in the world.

The Mark V in our collection is one of 20 boats built over the years. It was brought into service in August 1996 and served in multiple operations in the Middle East more than 25 other countries before being decommissioned and donated to the museum.

The Museum welcomed its largest exhibit in 2012. The Mark V Special Operations Craft is on loan from the Naval History and Heritage Command.


Museum info: Navy Seal Museum
Address: 3300 N. Hwy. A1A, Fort Pierce, FL
Phone: 772-595-5845

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