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16 March 1914 photo of the keel being laid for the Arizona (BB-39).89 viewsMar 16, 2018
With her commissioning flag slightly bowed, the Texas (BB-35) is moored dockside on 24 March 1914. Note the trolley tracks alongside for the movement of cranes and the boarding ladder dockside.119 viewsMar 12, 2018
92 views8 March 1958 caption reads: "Standing at the salute here in the foreground is Lt. (JG) Charles T. Denner of Alva, Oklahoma as he says goodbye to his home for the last 19 months, the Wisconsin (BB-64) at decommissioning ceremonies in Bayonne today. The battleship, last capital ship on active duty with the Navy, now goes into the Mothball Fleet....This is the first time since 1895 that the Navy has been without a ship of the line.Mar 07, 2018
93 viewsOfficers and men of the Wisconsin (BB-64) stand on the main deck today as the 45,000 ton battleship is recommissioned at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, 3 March 1951.Mar 02, 2018
Ship's ensign is hauled down by Seaman Carl Dewesse, during her decommissioning ceremonies, at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington, 26 February 1955. Fire control man Apprentice Lynn Jex is assisting.92 viewsFeb 26, 2018
Iowa (BB-61) moves toward retirement on 23 October 1957.82 viewsFeb 23, 2018
101 viewsNew Jersey (BB-62) gets double billing in this photo, dated 11 February 1954. In the center as first recommissioned in 1951, and also after her first post-war overhaul, with changed radars and fire control.
The Missouri (BB-63) (upper left), is pictured on 21 October 1950 bombarding Communist positions off Chong Jin, Korea.
Wisconsin (BB-64) (lower right) and Iowa (BB-61) (upper right).
The Iowa is pictured off Pearl Harbor in 1952 & shows the standard fleet painting adopted after WW2. Small war time hull numbers have been replaced with larger, easily seen block numerals. The catapults were removed after WW2, the area now a helicopter landing area. Some 40mm mounts are gone, but most remained on board until she was decommissioned on 24 February 1958. All 20mm gun mounts have been remove
Feb 23, 2018
112 viewshe type of view a kamikaze pilot could expect without the gun bursts.
Iowa (BB-61) shortly before commissioning. She is still without her Secondary Battery Director Fire Control radars (MK.4) and her SG surface search radar atop the main mast.
Also some of her Mk.2, quadruple 40mm mounts still have to be fitted. Note the antenna trunks on the Flag Bridge level in front of her aft stack.
Atop Spot 2 radar equipment Mk.8 with "Old Glory" above it.
On that same level, between the stack and spot 2, a left - and right hand and loading machine.
P/S of her stack two 36-Inch searchlights.
The covered objects in the tubs are Mk.51 directors & Director Mk.51 Mod.2 with Gun Sight Mk.14 Mod.2.
If you look at the 5" turrets, you will notice that the sight housings are two on the left side and one on t
Feb 21, 2018
104 viewsCommissioning ceremonies on the ship's after deck, at the New York Navy Yard, NY, 22 February 1943. Note: Mark 38 main battery director with Mark 8 fire control radar on top, 16"/50 triple gun turret, freshly raised National Ensign, and incomplete condition of some features of the ship's after superstructure.Feb 21, 2018
88 viewsThe mighty 35,000 ton battleship, Alabama (BB-60), shown at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just before she was launched, 16 February 1942.Feb 15, 2018
The New Jersey's (BB-62) crew assembling on deck before the decommissioning ceremony began.97 viewsFeb 08, 2018
93 viewsU.S.S. Wisconsin firing her 16-inch guns. The artillery shell you can see to the ship's port (left) side weighs 2700 lbs.Feb 05, 2018
103 views1 February 1940 photo of the keel laying for Alabama (BB-60) at the Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia.Jan 31, 2018
Entering the water for the first time, during her launching at the New York Navy Yard, 29 January 1944. Note anchors and launching drag chains.81 viewsJan 28, 2018
Crowds stream in to be among the first to visit the USS Missouri on its opening day this morning. 29 January 199989 viewsJan 28, 2018
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