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121 viewsMar 12, 2018
128 viewsMar 09, 2018
113 viewsDecommissioning pamphlet - March 29, 1975Mar 08, 2018
112 viewsDecommissioning pamphlet - March 29, 1975Mar 08, 2018
104 viewsDecommissioning pamphlet - March 29, 1975Mar 08, 2018
123 viewsundated wartime image: Slater crewmen enjoy "swim call" in the South Pacific. Note the sailor just beginning his dive off the starboard bridge wing.Mar 08, 2018
116 viewsMar 08, 2018
123 views8 March 1958 caption reads: "Standing at the salute here in the foreground is Lt. (JG) Charles T. Denner of Alva, Oklahoma as he says goodbye to his home for the last 19 months, the Wisconsin (BB-64) at decommissioning ceremonies in Bayonne today. The battleship, last capital ship on active duty with the Navy, now goes into the Mothball Fleet....This is the first time since 1895 that the Navy has been without a ship of the line.Mar 07, 2018
126 viewsMar 06, 2018
111 viewsOn 7 March 1952 Batfish (SS-310) was recommissioned and on 21 April assigned to Submarine Division 122 based at Key West, Fla., to carry out training duty.
LCDR R. D. Jackson (Commanding Officer) reads his orders at the commissioning of the Batfish. Left to right: CDR M. K. Clementson (Commander, SUBGRU 1); Col. O. H. Wheeler (Commander, Marine Barracks Mare Island); CDR Paul F. Borden (Shipyard Legal Officer); Capt W. A. Lent (CO, Mare Island Group, Pacific Reserve Fleet); LCDR Jackson; RADM Leon S. Fiske (Vallejo Area Commander) & RADM Bernard E. Manseau (Shipyard Commander).
Mar 06, 2018
122 viewsMar 06, 2018
125 viewsMar 06, 2018
128 viewsWilliam Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Company facilities, 15 March 1943. Cruisers visible in this photo:

Far right - Miami (CL 89) - Furthest along; aft turrets and catapults in place.
Left of Miami is Astoria (CL 90) - she is about a month behind Miami.
Left of Astoria, in the large shipway, is Oklahoma City (CL 91) - a significant portion of hull has been built.
Lefr of Oklahoma City is Little Rock (CL 92) - Keel was just been laid on 6 March, which is visible under crane structure.

Note the 8 submarines in various stages of construction to the left of the Little Rock (4 per shipway). They are most likely:

Devilfish (SS 292)
Dragonet (SS 293)
Escolar (SS 294)
Hackleback (SS 295)
Lancetfish (SS 296)
Ling (SS 297)
Lionfish (SS 298)
Manta (SS 299)
Mar 05, 2018
119 viewsUSS Potomac (AG-25) under way, 9 June 1939, with President F.D. Roosevelt and King George V1 and Queen Mary of the United Kingdom embarked during a royal visit to Washington, D.C. Note the flag of the British Royal family on the foremast and the Presidential flag at the main top. Note also that the mainmast has been moved forward since the ship's 1936 conversion.Mar 04, 2018
109 viewsTorsk (SS-423), Billfish (SS-286) & Carp (SS-338) moored together in Spring/Early Summer of 1968 @ Boston Navy Yard after Torsk's Decommisioning and before she was towed to Washington D.C. for use as a Reserve Trainer. Billfish or Carp was the training boat in Boston at the time.Mar 03, 2018
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