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140 viewsFeb 21, 2018
150 viewshe type of view a kamikaze pilot could expect without the gun bursts.
Iowa (BB-61) shortly before commissioning. She is still without her Secondary Battery Director Fire Control radars (MK.4) and her SG surface search radar atop the main mast.
Also some of her Mk.2, quadruple 40mm mounts still have to be fitted. Note the antenna trunks on the Flag Bridge level in front of her aft stack.
Atop Spot 2 radar equipment Mk.8 with "Old Glory" above it.
On that same level, between the stack and spot 2, a left - and right hand and loading machine.
P/S of her stack two 36-Inch searchlights.
The covered objects in the tubs are Mk.51 directors & Director Mk.51 Mod.2 with Gun Sight Mk.14 Mod.2.
If you look at the 5" turrets, you will notice that the sight housings are two on the left side and one on t
Feb 21, 2018
134 viewsCommissioning ceremonies on the ship's after deck, at the New York Navy Yard, NY, 22 February 1943. Note: Mark 38 main battery director with Mark 8 fire control radar on top, 16"/50 triple gun turret, freshly raised National Ensign, and incomplete condition of some features of the ship's after superstructure.Feb 21, 2018
views of USS Yorktown (CVA-10) the day she was recommissioned after SCB-27A modernization, 20 February 1953.130 views[Starboard] broadside view. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard photo (NY8 7897). NARA Local Identifier "19-NN-CVA 10 Yorktown-142324".Feb 19, 2018
views of USS Yorktown (CVA-10) the day she was recommissioned after SCB-27A modernization, 20 February 1953.134 views Head-on view. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard photo (NY8 7900). NARA Local Identifier "19-NN-CVA 10 Yorktown-142327".Feb 19, 2018
views of USS Yorktown (CVA-10) the day she was recommissioned after SCB-27A modernization, 20 February 1953.130 viewsStern view about 135° off centerline. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard photo (NY8 7904). NARA Local Identifier "19-NN-CVA 10 Yorktown-142331".Feb 19, 2018
205 viewsVelos as museum in the Gulf of Faliro in Athens, 20 May 2006.Feb 19, 2018
122 viewsFeb 16, 2018
137 viewsLCS(L)(3)-102 underway off the Island of Kyushu, Japan, September 1945. National Association of USS LCS(L) 1-130Feb 16, 2018
123 viewsFeb 16, 2018
122 viewsFeb 16, 2018
108 viewsBow view of submarines post WW II at New London, Conn.
From inboard to outboard are six boats, four identified by hull numbers: Drum (SS-228), Halibut (SS-232), Haddo (SS-255) and Paddle (SS-263). Outboard of her are two numberless boats.
All the boats are decommissioned: none are flying colors or union jack. Date is after 16 February 1946 when Drum was decommissioned and before Halibut was sold for scrap on 10 January 1947. Halibut had suffered major damage by the Japanese and was considered beyond economical repair. She is the only one of the group not freshly painted, and has been stripped of deck guns and other gear, probably in preparation for sale.
The outboard boat has a small pennant flying from her jackstaff. The boats in commission popped up with numbers right away soon after VJ
Feb 15, 2018
117 viewsThe mighty 35,000 ton battleship, Alabama (BB-60), shown at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just before she was launched, 16 February 1942.Feb 15, 2018
117 viewsFeb 15, 2018
126 viewsFeb 14, 2018
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