Whiskey-class 'C-189'

c 189

Originally called S189 this submarine was laid down March 31st 1954 at the now admiralty ships yards St Petersburg as a project 613B (NATO Whiskey class) type conventional diesel electric submarine, she is based heavily on the German type XXI submarines and is the successor to the project 611 (NATO Zulu Class).

This submarine commissioned into service on January 9th 1955 and was assigned to Libava temporarily before being transferred eventually to the Baltic fleet with her summer home base in Leningrad and her winter home base being at Baltysk.
In April 1970, she took part in the massive naval exercise code named Okean which involved over 200 vessels of the soviet navy.
The submarine had a relatively quiet career mainly patrolling the Baltic sea, and on three occasions won awards for the best ship of the fleet.
September 1st 1986 she was stood down from front line patrols and entered a reserve at ready status, on April 19th 1990 she was finally withdrawn from service and a scrapping order issued, she would reside at the pier for many years before finally in 1998 sinking at her pier.

In November 2005, she was raised and restored over a period of two years before being placed where she is today, however she only opened to the public in 2012 under the new name of C189.

Translation of deepstorm. ru and image courtesy of Blair Shaw 

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Museum info:
Address: Naberezhnaya Leytenanta Shmidta, St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (904) 613-7099
C-189's website (Google translated)
Alternative website: Saint-Petersburg.com

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