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22 November 2019   Updated Facebook page for SS Meteor   https://www.museumships.us/merchantmarine/meteor
22 November 2019   Updated Facebook page for USS Turner Joy   https://www.museumships.us/shipsbytype/destroyers/turner-joy
19 November 2019   Added Russian Foxtrot-class submarine B440   https://www.museumships.us/russia/b440
10 November 2019    Updated facebook page for USS Lexington    https://www.museumships.us/aircraft-carrier/lexington 
6 November 2019   Added Belgian school training ship Mercator   https://www.museumships.us/belgium/mercator
21 September 2019   Added South Korean Jeon Ju   https://www.museumships.us/south-korea/jeon-ju
16 September 2019   Added Russian submarine B396   https://www.museumships.us/russia/b396
31 August 2019   Updated social media pages for USS Arizona   https://museumships.us/battleship/arizona
31 August 2019    Updated social media pages for USS Utah   https://museumships.us/shipsbytype/battleships/utah
25 August 2019   Updated Facebook page for Wilhelm Bauer    https://museumships.us/germany/wilhelm-bauer 
20 August 2019   Updated website and Facebook page for Edna G.    https://museumships.us/tug/edna-g
17 August 2019   Added Russian icebreaker Angara   https://museumships.us/russia/angara
19 July 2019    Updated Facebook page for Wild Goose    https://museumships.us/other/wild-goose 
15 July 2019    Updated Facebook page for Hudson    https://www.museumships.us/netherlands/hudson 
14 July 2019    Added Facebook page to Sankt Erik   https://www.museumships.us/sweden/sankt-erik 
14 July 2019    Added Facebook page to lightship Finngrundet    https://www.museumships.us/sweden/finngrundet
8 July 2019   Updated social media pages for Col. James M. Schoonmaker   https://museumships.us/merchantmarine/col-james-m-schoonmaker
8 July 2019   Added tug Ohio to the site   https://museumships.us/tug/ohio
6 July 2019   Added Russian Dekabrist-class submarine 'Narodovolets' to the site   https://museumships.us/russia/narodovolets
6 July 2019   Updated and added social media pages for USS Cobia   https://museumships.us/subs/cobia
01 July 2019   Updated social media pages for USS Wisconsin    https://museumships.us/battleship/wisconsin
29 June 2019   Added Russian Icebreaker 'Krasin' to the site   https://museumships.us/russia/krasin
18 June 2019   Added French submarine 'Espadon' to the page   https://museumships.us/france/espadon
17 June 2019   Updated facebook page for Col.James M. Schoonmaker    https://museumships.us/merchantmarine/col-james-m-schoonmaker
14 Juni 2019   Updated Facebook page for USS Nautilus   https://www.museumships.us/shipsbytype/submarines/nautilus
3 Juni 2019    Added Russian submarine C-189 to the site    https://www.museumships.us/russia/c-189
1 June 2019   Updated map position for USS Mazapeta    https://www.museumships.us/tug/mazapeta
28 May 2019    Added MV Eneavour to the site   https://museumships.us/other/endeavour
28 May 2019    Added Facebook page to USS Becuna    https://museumships.us/subs/becuna 
21 May 2019   Updated website for HMCS Ojibwa    https://www.museumships.us/canada/ojibwa 
20 May 2019   Added SS Bohuslän to the site   https://museumships.us/sweden/bohuslaen
20 May 2019   Update Facebook page for Danish Frigate Peder Skram    https://www.museumships.us/denmark/peder-skram
9 May 2019   Updated location for USCGC Comanche    https://museumships.us/coast-guard/comanche
April 28, 2019   Updated Facebook and contact information for fireboat Firefighter   https://museumships.us/fireboat/fire-fighter
April 22, 2019   Updated web- and social media sites for USCGC Bramble   https://www.museumships.us/coast-guard/bramble
April 18, 2019   Added Lady Washington to the site   https://www.museumships.us/tall-ships/lady-washington
April 7, 2019   Added USS Utah (BB-31) to the site   https://www.museumships.us/battleship/utah
March 14 2019   Added Twitter page for USS LST 393    https://www.museumships.us/landing-ship/lst-393
February 19 2019   Added facebook page to Flore    https://www.museumships.us/france/flore 
February 6 2019   Added CG-83366 'Tiburon" to the site as 325th museum ship   https://www.museumships.us/coast-guard/tiburon
January 31 2019   Updated Facebook page for HMS Gannet   https://www.museumships.us/united-kingdom/gannet
January 31 2019   Updated Facebook page for HMS Cavalier   https://www.museumships.us/united-kingdom/cavalier
January 31 2019   Updated Facebook page for HMS Ocelot   https://www.museumships.us/united-kingdom/ocelot
January 30 2019   Added 'Lady Hopetoun' as 324rd museum ship to the site   https://www.museumships.us/australia/lady-hopetoun
January 28 2019   Added Dom Fernando II e Glória to the site as 323rd museum ship    https://www.museumships.us/portugal/dom-fernando-ii-e-gloria
January 25 2019   Updated Facebook page for USS Cairo   https://www.museumships.us/gunboat/cairo
January 23 2019   Added HTMS Pangan to the site as 322nd museum ship   https://www.museumships.us/thailand/pangan
January 11 2019   Added FGS Mölders to the site as 321st museum ship   https://www.museumships.us/germany/moelders
January 10 2019   Added HDML Kuparu to the site as 320th museum ship   https://www.museumships.us/new-zealand/kuparu
January 1 2019    Updated Facebook page for USS Requin    https://museumships.us/subs/requin
December 22 2018    Updated social media pages for HMAS Vampire    https://museumships.us/australia/vampire 
December 22 2018   Updated social media pages for HMAS Onslow    https://www.museumships.us/australia/onslow
November 24 2018   Added facebook page to USNS Hiddensee    https://www.facebook.com/HiddenseeCorvette/
November 24 2018   Added HMS Stickleback to the site as 319th museum ship    https://museumships.us/united-kingdom/stickleback
November 19 2018   Added SS Hellas Liberty as 318th museum ship    https://museumships.us/greece/hellas-liberty
November 18 2018   Updated picture of City of Milwaukee on Michigan page   https://museumships.us/michigan
November 15 2018   Added AMS60 Bernisse as 317th museum ship   https://museumships.us/netherlands/bernisse
October 12 2018   Updated website for HMS Trincomalee   https://museumships.us/united-kingdom/trincomalee
October 11 2018   Updated website for HDMS Peder Skram   https://museumships.us/denmark/peder-skram
October 11 2018   Updated website for HDMS Sælen    https://museumships.us/denmark/saelen
October 11 2018   Updated website for HDMS Sehested    https://museumships.us/denmark/sehested
September 18 2018   Added callsign to Sundew   https://museumships.us/coast-guard/sundew
September 18 2018   Added callsign to Passat   https://museumships.us/germany/passat
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