International Call Sign: Tango-Bravo-Kilo-Mike

TCG Ç-128, is a decommissioned Edic-class landing craft of the Turkish navy, but what she represents is the defining moment in the history of the Turkish Cypriots, July 20, 1974, when Turkish forces arrived by sea and air, setting the stage for the creation of the North Cyprus of today.

This landing craft was taken out of service on June 27, 2014 and renovated by the Turkish Maritime museum before being donated to the TRNC’s Security Forces (GKK). Now known as the Museum Boat, she crossed the Mediterranean for the final time, no less gloriously for being towed on this occasion, arriving into Girne’s naval harbour on Sunday July 5, 2020.

She is placed on the Yavuz Çıkarma  beach, resting on a platform just above sea level, to form part of the Alsancak National Park. TCG Ç-128 was officially unveiled on Monday July 20, 2020, the 46th anniversary of the Turkish intervention.

Visitors are taken on an audio-visual journey — back in time to 1974, where they will be able to touch, sense, feel and hear the sounds of the landing. Compartments on board will feature cine-vision, photographs, the military hardware used and an historical overview of the events that led to the operation. There will also be mannequins dressed in the uniforms of 1974.


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Address: 86WP+3F5, Karaoğlanoğlu Caddesi, Karaoğlanoğlu 99350, Cyprus
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