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TCG Ege - (F-256)

ege flickrTCG Ege is the seventh member of Tepe Class of Frigates to serve with the Turkish Navy, having commissioned into service in May 1994 following her transfer from the United States Navy.

Laid down in June 1971 as the Knox Class Frigate USS Ainsworth (DE/FF-1090) and commissioning into US Navy service in March 1973, the Ainsworth served with the US Atlantic Fleet for her entire career. Serving with distinction in numerous worldwide locations through her USN career, the Ainsworth fell victim to post-Cold War budget cuts and fleet reductions and was formally decommissioned from US Navy service in May 1994.

Offered to the Turkish Government as part of an eight-ship lease prior to her USN decommissioning, the Ainsworth was selected for transfer to the Turkish Navy and began her service as the TCG Ege on May 27, 1994. Forming part of the Turkish Navy's blue water fleet for the next decade, the Ege decommissioned from Turkish Navy service in March 2005 and was subsequently transferred to the ownership of the Inciralti Sea Museum where she currently serves as a Museum Ship.


Museum info:
Address: Inciralti Balçova, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: +90 2322785234
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